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The 2 Ways To Apply For A Shipboard Job

As a staff or crew job applicant, you have the option of applying directly to the cruise line OR using a recruiting agency that hires for the cruise lines. 

Cruise line recruitment agents are similar to temp agencies that help connect eager job seekers like you with cruise lines who are in need of your services. Agents are often a more direct path to the cruise lines because they have been prepped on the specific number and types of jobs and positions available for the cruise line(s) they represent. Since some cruise ships jobs are not publicly listed, discussing your employment needs with someone directly involved in recruiting for the cruise line may be more successful for your job search.

Many recruitment agents work directly for a cruise line and it is their job to find the talent that the cruise line needs. After researching a specific cruise line you would like to work for, it is a great idea to contact their recruitment agent. These agents screen, interview and in some cases provide training for open positions.  Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the job the first time around. Cruise lines are continually hiring as more ships are being built and they are getting larger. More passengers means more staff and crew needed.

Here is a list of recruitment agents listed by country.

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