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Steward Department

Onboard the ship, the Steward Department provides services related to housekeeping and those that work in this department are often from the flag country (where the ship is registered) or hired through agencies in third world countries such as the Philippines and India that tend to favor lower wages.  To apply for work in the Steward Department, please contact a Recruitment Agent nearest you.

There are also a few luxury lines that employ and fairly compensate Canadian, British and American housekeeping staff that have diplomas or certificates in this field, as well as experience in five-star establishments.

Here are the difference positions in the Steward Department:

Chief Steward or Stewardess

The Chief Steward or Stewardess provides supervision for the Steward Department. He or she can recommend promotions as a means of rewarding hard work, dedication and attention to detail. The Chief is responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of all passenger accommodation and public areas. Other areas of responsibility include laundry and tailor services, as well as luggage distribution and collection at the start and end of the cruise. 

Cabin Steward or Stewardess

Cabin Stewards or Stewardesses are responsible for the cleanliness, neatness and stocking of all guest cabins. During embarkation, each Steward or Stewardess stands in his or her section to welcome the guests onboard. They will instruct the guests on how to operate the air conditioning, hot and cold water, television and explain where the electrical outlets are. A Cabin Steward or Stewardess is on duty most of the day, often with an early morning start with a few hours break just after lunch. 

Officer Steward or Stewardess

Officer Stewards or Stewardesses are assigned to a section of officers’ cabins with the responsibility of keeping the cabins clean and well stocked in much the same way as guest cabins. 

Deck Steward or Stewardess

Deck Stewards or Stewardesses ensure that the outside decks are tidy. They arrange sun lounge chairs in the morning and store them away each evening for the next day’s use. As for those guests wishing to sunbathe, the Deck Stewards or Stewardesses ensure clean beach towels are available. 

Bell Captain and Bellman

The Bellmen operate a 24-hour room service station. They will deliver food items or beverages to guest cabins as ordered. They also act as the ship’s mailmen, delivering correspondence within the ship’s departments, as well as to guest cabins. 


Cleaners ensure that all public and crew areas, storage areas and restrooms are clean, stocked and tidy. 

Laundryman & Linen-keeper

These positions ensure the operations of the ship’s laundering and pressing service for both guests and officers. 


Since most ship uniforms are reused, the Tailor stores the uniforms in his office and is responsible for measuring and tailoring uniforms for new officers and crew. The Tailor may also work on passenger clothing, if required.

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