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Preparing for the Interview

It is of utmost importance to prepare, practice and memorize the answers that you will give to the interviewer’s questions. When forming your answers, be aware that the interviewer is concerned with what you can and will do for the cruise line, not what the cruise line can do for you. The interviewer will be most interested in your friendliness, professionalism, dedication, teamwork and willingness to help the public.

When you are preparing answers for the interviewer’s questions, stress qualities related to the position you have applied for. Offer answers that will make the interviewer remember you, but most importantly, be honest. Here is a list of questions that you may be asked at the interview with hints to help prepare your answers: 

  • Why do you want to work on a cruise ship? 
    HINTS: It’s a challenging yet rewarding career. You enjoy being around people. You realize the ups and downs of cruise ship life, but you have the skills to do a great job. 
  • What makes you qualified for this position? 
    HINTS: Do you have a background in customer service? If so, mention your excellent customer service skills and that you are ambitious, motivated, committed, intelligent and a good team player.
  • What are some of your strengths? 
    HINTS: Are you a hardworking, enthusiastic, motivated and happy person? Do you have a positive outlook? 
  • Name one of your weaknesses? 
    HINTS: Always follow this answer with how you have overcome this weakness. 
  • How would you describe yourself using one word? 
    HINTS: Use words such as positive, motivated or friendly. 
  • What do you know about our cruise line? 
    HINTS: This is a good opportunity to show off your research and knowledge. Be prepared!  
  • Do you like to travel? 
    HINTS: Obviously your answer should be ‘yes’ to this question. 
  • Do you have any questions for me? 
    HINTS: Always have an intelligent question ready. For example, “Will this job prepare me for a higher-level position one day?” or “How will my performance be judged?”

Phone Interviews

Many of the cruise lines you apply to may be too far away to allow for a personal interview. The most important key is to speak with confidence, energy and enthusiasm. Convince the interviewer that you can do the job. Your self-confidence will demonstrate that you would be a valuable asset to their cruise line.

In-Person Interviews

An interview, whether in person or by phone, serves to show an employer that you have the social and speaking skills necessary for working with the public. The personal interview also gives you the extra opportunity to demonstrate that you know how to dress and act properly. It is a good idea to bring extra resumes for any others present at your interview. 

All cruise lines look for socially skilled employees. When you arrive at your interview, show patience and composure in waiting. If you are nervous, use a relaxation technique such as deep breathing. Avoid nervous habits like fidgeting, giggling or biting your nails. When you meet the employer, shake his or her hand, and smile. 

Tips for a Successful Interview

► Arrive early. 

► Dress conservatively, similar to the cruise line’s uniform. 

► Pay attention to detail. For example, polish your shoes. 

► Women should wear nylons if wearing a skirt. 

► Ensure that your make-up and grooming are impeccable. 

► Do not wear an excessive amount of jewelry. 

► Do not chew gum or smoke. 

► Avoid controversial subjects such as politics and religion. 

► If you must disagree do so calmly. 

► Do not speak negatively of past employers or colleagues. 

The interviewer is looking for creativity, sense of humor and your ability to think on your feet. When asked a question for which you have prepared an answer, pause before answering so you don’t sound rehearsed. If you are asked a question that you are unprepared for, sit back, think for a moment before answering and be confident.