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Deck and Engine Department

The Deck and Engine departments are responsible for the maintenance, navigation and engineering of the ship. Individuals interested in working in the Deck or Engine department should look into attending a marine training school that will teaches the elements of seafaring. 

Deck Department
The job positions within the Deck department require knowledge of ship radios, Morse code and general ship maintenance. The starting positions within the Deck department are known as Ordinary Seaman or Able-Bodied Seaman. Once the required job skills have been mastered, promotion within the Deck department is possible. Deck department positions are as follows: 

The First Officer is in charge of the navigational watch and keeps maintenance records for all navigational equipment. When necessary, the First Officer can make corrections to charts and pilot books. He or she is also responsible for the supervision of the maintenance of the ship’s lifeboats, rescue boats and tenders. Inspections and maintenance of the ship’s portable fire fighting equipment and proper operation of watertight and fire screen doors are also the First Officer’s responsibilities.   The Second Officer is a watch-keeping officer in charge of a navigational watch or in assisting a First Officer during such a watch. The Second Officer is also assigned some of the First Officer’s tasks.  The Environmental Officer serves as an environmental specialist with the responsibility for overseeing the company’s environmental policies, procedures, and systems onboard each ship.  The Ordinary Seaman is responsible for cleaning, painting and general maintenance of the ship. Able Bodied Seaman: The Able Bodied Seaman is responsible for deck and lifeboat maintenance.  The Safety Officer is responsible for crew safety training, passenger and crew safety drills, abandon-ship procedures and supervising the maintenance of all lifeboats and tender boats. Security Officers are responsible for enforcing security procedures onboard the ship. Duties include checking identification of all passengers and crew boarding the ship, inspecting luggage and carry-on articles. This is often an entry-level position and if you apply be sure to emphasize any security training and experience that you may have. The Radio Officer is licensed and certified to operate all navigational electronic and computerized equipment.  The Carpenter is responsible for the general interior shipboard maintenance and repairs and for all carpentry woodwork on board. The Upholsterer is responsible for re-upholstering of all the ship’s furniture.

Engine Department
The Engine department employs highly trained crew that must be able to handle working in extreme heat and noise. Engine room workers help the ship’s engineers maintain the vessel’s engine, machinery and auxiliary equipment. The positions within the Engine department are as follows: 

The Chief Engineer is responsible for the entire technical operations of the ship including the engineering, electrical and mechanical division. The First Engineer is responsible for all work that has to be carried out in the engine room and for training of new engine crew members. The Second Engineer is a watch-keeping engineer. In addition to watch duties this position is assigned various maintenance and repair duties in the engine room. The Third Engineer is responsible for the maintenance and repair of engines and related equipment. The Chief Electrician, assisted by First, Second and Assistant Electricians, has the ultimate responsibility of overseeing that electrical power is available throughout the ship. The First Electrician is familiar with the complete operation and maintenance of the electrical plant. Duties include training Assistant Electricians in safety procedures and assigned duties. The Electrician is responsible for the maintenance and repair of electrical installations and equipment onboard, as assigned by the First Electrician. The Air Conditioning Technician, reporting to the Chief Engineer and also known as the Refrigeration Engineer, is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ventilation and air conditioning system onboard the ship. The Bosun is responsible for daily maintenance and cleaning of engines and mechanical equipment. The Plumber, reporting to the Chief Engineer is responsible for the maintenance and repair of pipes, water closets, showers and tubs.

deck and engine department of a ship