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Bar Department

The Bar Department employs personnel from a variety of countries; however citizens from non-industrialized countries fill most entry-level positions.  To work in this department, beverage-related training and experience is a must. When applying, be sure to emphasize excellent customer service skills and an outgoing personality. Positions within the bar department include: 

Bar Manager

The Bar Manager supervises all operations of the Bar Department and reports directly to the Food and Beverage Manager. The Bar Manager has achieved this position by working in the ship’s Bar Department for several years. 

Bar Accountant

The Bar Accountant manages the accounting and auditing procedures of the Bar Department. An accounting background and / or education are required for this position. 


The Bartender must provide guests with courteous, professional beverage service. He or she must maintain bar stock and supervise bar staff as instructed by the Bar Manager. Depending on the cruise line, requirements may include a minimum of one to two-years bartending experience and / or a bartending diploma or an International Bartenders Association Certificate. The Bartender must be well groomed and have a pleasant and outgoing personality. 

Bar Waiter / Waitress / Server

The Server provides professional, prompt and polite service of drinks to passengers in all public lounges, on deck and in the bars. Depending on the cruise line, requirements may be one to two years bar or restaurant experience and / or formal training in the food and beverage industry. 

Bar Utility

The Bar Utility assists the Bartender by cleaning the bar, washing glasses, maintaining a clean lounge and restocking bar supplies. This is an entry-level position requiring restaurant and / or bar experience.

bartender on a cruise ship