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Working for a Concessionaire

Most cruise lines contract their onboard facilities such as gift shops, salons, and casinos to concession companies. These cruise line concessionaires are separate recruiting companies and any applications for employment should be made directly to them. 


When employed by a cruise line concessionaire, they often take care of all your travel arrangements to and from the ship, as well as organize any necessary visas. 

There are a few things you should ask before signing your cruise ship employment contract.  These questions include: 

► How and when you will be paid? 

► Who will pay for your airline ticket and transfers to and from the ship? 

► What kind of shipboard accommodation will you have: passenger or staff cabin? 

► Will you have passenger or crew status? If you have crew status, you will be expected to participate in boat drills. 

► Will there be extra duties that you will be expected to do? Often these extra duties include escorting tours or helping cruise staff with bingo. 

► Are there any formal evenings or theme nights for which you should bring proper attire? 

View our shipboard Concessionaire Directory and do not send your resume to any without first  visiting their websites. Do your research first and detail your resume to what the company is looking for. This will significantly improve your chances of shipboard employment.


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