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How To Get A Cruise Ship Job
Step by step guide.

Your Chance Of Getting Hired
The competition is high.  What are your chances?

Is Your English Good Enough?
Perhaps you have the experience, but how do you know if your English is good enough?

Cruise Line Versus Recruitment Agent
Who should you apply to?

Do's and Don'ts
What you should and should not do when you want a cruise ship job.



What The Cruise Lines Are Looking For

Basic Qualifications

For more cruise lines, in order to be considered for shipboard employment, you must be 21 years of age or older, and have a good command and comprehension of the English language (reading, writing, speaking).  You must be able to obtain a passport and required visas.  Usually a recruitment agent or cruise line will help with obtaining the visas needed. You must be willing to commit to and be available for a full contract as determined by the contract length for the position in which you are qualified for.  You must also be able to work a 7-day, 70 or 84-hour work week with limited time off. 


What The Cruise Lines Are Looking For


You need a bright and cheerful personality to work on a cruise ship. In fact cruise ship employers look very closely at this.  After all you will be living and working long shifts within the confines of the ship and in daily contact with the passengers who have paid a lot of money for their holiday.



Interviewers are very wary of recruiting new crew members whom they suspect might "jump ship" when the novelty wears off or when they start to feel home sick. It's very important you give the clear impression that you are highly reliable and have every intention on completing your contract and intend on coming back.  Don't let them think that you are just going to "give it a go".


There is no use applying for a position that you have never done before. If you do have land-based experience in hotel, casino, salon, photography, then this is where you should apply. 


If you consider that cruise ships are floating 5 star hotels, you should get an idea of the sort of people an employer is looking to hire. It is important to be very professional and take pride in your work.  This is not always easy when you are working long hours in a fast-paced environment.


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