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Ship Life

Working onboard a cruise ship has many benefits. As a crew member you will travel to numerous ports of call. You will learn and experience the history and customs of the many cultures our planet  has to offer. You will have the opportunity to sample different foods, experience a simpler way of life and meet a myriad of interesting people. You will achieve independence and develop an adventurous spirit. Your eyes will be opened to so many new opportunities and possibilities. 

Even though the pay varies for each shipboard job, it is possible to save money.  You will always have a room, food and medical coverage at no cost to you. You will be able to take free shore excursions while in port and if your family enjoys cruising, they could be entitled to take a discounted cruise.


It is important to understand that while ship life can be fun (as in the above video by Disney Cruise Line), it is certainly not glamorous and should never be taken lightly. Onboard a ship there is no such thing as a forty-hour work week. You will work seven days a week for months at a time.


As a crew member of a cruise ship, you will be subject to strict maritime laws.  This military-type atmosphere must be respected at all times. While at sea, you will experience many types of weather conditions. Even though you may feel seasick at times, you will not have the opportunity to call in sick. If you suffer from claustrophobia, be aware that your cabin will likely be small and without a porthole. If you are someone who needs a lot of privacy, you should know that you will likely share a cabin, bathroom and sometimes a dresser or closet with one or more cabin-mates.  


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In all honesty, life onboard a cruise ship can be challenging.  The ship itself is a maze of doors, corridors and stairwells which is a little disconcerting.  Not only are you away from home and out of your comfort zone, but you're thrown into this giant ship and can't find the way to your room.  It can be a little scary!  

Relax.  It won't take long at all before you begin to feel comfortable in your new surroundings.  Pretty soon you'll embrace this way of life and before you know it, your contract will be done.


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