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Not every day is smooth sailing. During the rougher days you may feel a little nauseated, dizzy and perhaps have hot or cold flashes. Seasickness is caused by a disturbance of the balance mechanism in the inner ear.

Are you concerned you might get seasick?  Here are some tricks to prevent and treat seasickness: 

Eat lightly. Dry crackers or toast are best. 

Minimize all liquid intake, but if you are thirsty try Gingerale.
Ginger is known for its calming effect. 

Do not read. 

Do not work in a closed environment. 

Get out on deck and breathe some fresh air. 

Look at the horizon, not the waves. 

There are various medications available, such as Meclazine or Dramamine, but these often cause drowsiness. Usually these medications are used to prevent motion sickness. They do not help much if you are already sick. A Scopolamine patch is also used, but can have bad side effects such as blurred vision, confusion and hallucinations. If the seasickness is a serious case, the infirmary may suggest an injection. This will keep you at ease for up to six hours.


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