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Step by Step On How To Get The Job

Types of Shipboard Positions

Resume & Interview Tips

Ship Life

Your Chance Of Getting Hired
The competition is high.  What are your chances?

Is Your English Good Enough?
Perhaps you have the experience, but how do you know if your English is good enough?

What The Cruise Lines Are Looking For
The top four traits you must have to be considered for shipboard employment.

Cruise Line Versus Recruitment Agent
Who should you apply to?

Do's and Don'ts
What you should and should not do when you want a cruise ship job.


How To Get A Cruise Ship Job

Step by Step


Are You Qualified?  For more cruise lines, in order to be considered for shipboard employment, you must be 21 years of age or older.


Is your English good enough?  You will need to have a good command and comprehension of the English language in order to work on a cruise ship.  For more information, please read Is Your English Good Enough?


Do you have experience that relates to a cruise ship job?  There is no use applying for a cruise ship job that you have never done before on land. Cruise lines want people with experience, even if it is only 1 year.  Obviously the more experience you have, the better your chance of getting hired. 



Decide what position to apply for.  If you have land-based experience in a hotel, casino, spa or as a photographer, for example, then these are the positions you should be applying for on a cruise ship.  Once again, if you do not have experience in a related position, there is no use in applying.  Cruise lines always want some experience.  Here is a great resource for hospitality jobs that would make for good experience -


Write a perfect resume.  This step is very important.  Each and every resume you send out should be specific to the position you want to be hired for.  If you can fully understand what your prospective employer wants, you will know how to convincingly present yourself.  In addition, your resume should not have any spelling or grammar mistakes.  We cannot stress this enough.  If you want to show that your English is good enough, then don't make any spelling or grammar mistakes!  Click here for Resume Samples prepared by us.


Decide where to apply.  Many people will mistakenly only apply to the cruise line directly.  But one of the best ways to get hired is through a recruitment agent. Agents are often a more direct path to the cruise lines because they have been prepped on the specific number and types of jobs and positions available for the cruise line they represent.  For more information, read Where to Apply and visit our directory of Worldwide Recruitment Agents.


Apply for the job!   When you are ready to apply for the position, send your application in the exact way that the recruitment agent wants it.  If you're not sure how they want it (email, mailed, dropped off, uploaded online, etc...), then phone them and ask. 





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