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Food and Beverage Manager


Dining Room Manager

Dining Room Waiter or Waitress

Wine Steward or Stewardess


Assistant Waiter / Waitress or Busboy





Food and Beverage Department

Entry-level employees in the Food and Beverage department are usually citizens from the flag country or personnel hired through Recruitment Agencies in non-industrialized countries. However, if this is your area of expertise, luxury cruise lines such as Cunard Line or Seabourn Cruises will accept applications. When applying, be sure to elaborate on your food and beverage knowledge, list the relevant diplomas you hold and emphasize any hotel, resort or fine dining experience you may have.


Food & Beverage Manager

The Food and Beverage Manager is responsible for the entire food and beverage operation onboard the ship. The Manager must also supervise the restaurants, dining rooms, bars and galley. This position requires extensive experience in the food and beverage industry. 

Maitre'D / Dining Room Manager

The Maitre'D is responsible for all personnel that work in the dining room. He oversees every meal served in the dining room and in all the restaurants whether inside or on deck. He must have superior people skills and exceptional knowledge of the food and beverage industry. It is preferable that he worked his way up the ladder through all the positions to obtain this status. 

Dining Room Waiter or Waitress

The individual who holds this position has usually been promoted from an Assistant Waiter or Busboy. The Waiter or Waitress must have a great memory to recall all their guests' names and remember their food preparation details. The Dining Room Waiter or Waitress may be required to participate in various theme evenings, possibly parading through the dining room balancing a flaming baked Alaska on his or her head!

Wine Steward or Stewardess / Sommelier

This position is for those with vast wine knowledge and experience. It involves suggesting and serving wine to passengers while applying the highest level of customer service. A Wine Steward or Stewardess must know several characteristics of each wine and be able to discuss the various wines on the ship's wine list. 

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Assistant Waiter/Waitress or Busboy

The Assistant Waiter assists the Waiter with servicing the passengers needs in a friendly and professional manner using the basic service procedures found in any first class restaurant. The duties include serving all non-alcoholic beverages, offering refills and explaining menu items.

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