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Step by Step On How To Get The Job

Types of Shipboard Positions

Resume & Interview Tips

Ship Life

Your Chance Of Getting Hired
The competition is high.  What are your chances?

Is Your English Good Enough?
Perhaps you have the experience, but how do you know if your English is good enough?

What The Cruise Lines Are Looking For
The top four traits you must have to be considered for shipboard employment.

Cruise Line Versus Recruitment Agent
Who should you apply to?



DOs and DON'Ts

When Applying for a Cruise Ship Job

Potential employers heavily consider attitude and professional manner when evaluating candidates for a cruise ship job.  Therefore we have put together a list of things you should and shouldn't do when applying for cruise ship employment.

The DOs

Do customize your resume for each cruise line position you are applying for. 

Do set your Facebook privacy settings on high when doing an active job search.  Employers will search and find you. If they don't like what they see, you will not get the job.


Do find a recruitment agent in your country and contact them to find out how to apply for a cruise ship job.  Simple?  Yes, It is!

Do take an English class if you need to improve your English.  English is a mandatory language on most cruise ships and you must be good enough to have conversations with people, to understand technical terms in your area of expertise and to understand safety instructions given to you during safety drills. 

Do take the time to customize your covering letter to each recruitment agent or cruise line.


Do not post your resume on Facebook.  It's not a professional way of doing a job search and will not get you hired by a cruise line or recruitment agent.
In fact, it may work against you.

Do not make any spelling or grammar mistakes on your resume.

Do not be lazy.  Do your research and follow these steps it takes to get a cruise ship job.  Read more...


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